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ZINC – Zain Innovation Campus

Our GamUp team delivered a “Gamification for Business” workshop to Zain – Jordan , and they were really thrilled by the amazing trainees, enjoyed their light spirit, humor,never ending energy and creativity. The creative groups came up with innovative gamfication projects that included “Build a Home”– CSR activity where they wanted to encourage the employees to be part of these charity activities,as well as “Enlighten your knowledge room” by a guiding wizard who helps you unlock new libraries to learn more as well as “Around the world” on boarding program to facilitate and enhance the intake and processes for newcomers.

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facebook_1531915956756 “It was one of the best training I attend for a long time, and i learned a lot from it. i really recommend this for everyone working in the learning and Development, Thank you and keep it up GamUp”  Ahmed Shoala (Senior Corporate Coach at EDGE Consultants)

When the trainers become the trainees, many innovations have to be witnessed and seen. Edge consultants have been one of our unique participants that we in fact consider colleague partners! Their playfulness and hilarious interactions was one of a kind and as trainers they stood out in their pitching abilities – making it highly engaging, witty, narrative and unexpected. Their gamified projects both served fixing internal achievements within them and how to catalyst getting their chores and accomplishing tangible results with gamification as well as inventive ways to gamifiy their training programs.

One of the worthy to share projects was “The Values Journey” living each month in a new destination where the participants would learn a new value from each country such as; Japan – respect , Italy – Sharing , Singapore – Innovation , UAE – Adaptability etc, punching them up with characters with clear behaviors for each country, competitions, well-known figures stories, ranking titles for each county and votes for the country/value ambassador such as “ The most respectful employee” is the ambassador of Japan- boosting up the “ status “of the title holder.

Edge consultants have cut the edge and aimed to polish the core values and brilliantly excelled at pursing that. Cheers! to many more joyful trainings.

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“So happy to find a gamificaion consultation company in the Middle East! Extremely professional, qualified and creative-team. Highly recommended for any business looking to spruce things up and motivate their team and customer!” Jumana Marwan (Instatoot Co-founder & CEO)

It was about the end of last year where Jumana Marwan, Instatoot co-founder & CEO connected with our founders at the RiseUp event where startups are joined with the most relevant resources worldwide. RiseUp acts as the glue that fuses ecosystems together to help them realize their ultimate potential, fusing diverse talents & resources to enable them accelerate, innovate, and grow and this exactly how we were brought together.

Having met in Egypt we came to know Insatoot, based in Jordan is a mobile platform that connects people who need help in learning a particular subject or skill, with the people who can help them. It is the first gamified, on-demand tutoring service in the Middle East that allows parents, students of all ages, and tutors to match, manage payments, schedule and book their sessions at the click of a button or two!

And hence it’s a gamified mobile application, Jumana was very enthusiast to know more about gamification and how she and her co- founders Thuria Alkury and Dania Mousa, can improve their game mechanics to make it of even a better use, which paved the way to conducting an intense consultancy session in Jordan, where our GamUp team tested the efficiency of the game mechanics applied that targeted the user and the tutor, made sure the scoring systems was made clear for both sides as well as the rewards. They also tested user type engagement percentage and made sure it was targeted to the correct user type. Moreover, they also gave them some gamified tips and tricks to heighten up their marketing approaches and widen their community.

It’s always amazing to work with brilliant minds, especially those 3 independent ladies who hunt their dreams effortlessly, Instatoot we have been witnessing your updates distantly and with such huge persistence and advices implemented, we believe you’ll spread throughout the MENA region quiet soon!

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facebook_1532580642901“A very eye-opening program.. really made me think about possible scenarios to make my clients more engaged in the learning process. Thank you GamUp.” Ehab Fadel (L&D Section Head at Dakahlia Group)

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GamUp Founders were interviewed in a Radio Program called مش سهلة “Uneasy” about how they started and what they faced.

you can see the whole interview through this link:  Radio Interview

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facebook_1532580849263“Thank you GamUp for this wonderful session. #GamUp_BuildUp”
Mohamed Ali (Architect)

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