EcoSim Business Simulations Ltd.

EcoSim Business Simulations Ltd. has been established in 1994 to make learning more enjoyable with business simulations. They create high quality and exciting professional competitions, trainings and educational tools. “We believe in the power of gamification in education” – said Balázs Orova (CEO of EcoSim).

The simulations for education reflect academic theory and workplace reality, by combining these two they fill the gap between them. In addition, EcoSim have been organizing attractive, professional and high-quality student competitions with the goal of employer branding for the sponsors since 1997. Along with these, EcoSim uses its efficient method in the business’ life, as trainings. EcoSim trainings guarantee the evaluation and improvement of employee’s professional knowledge with a specifically developed simulation models and case studies reflecting to the industry.

Ecosim is our International partner from Hungary, with them, GamUp can provide their services in MENA region.