Gamifiying your Exhibition Booth- Case Study

“Solve the Quest and be our Guest”

GamUp had the pleasure to participate in the largest Women entrepreneurial Event in the MENA region “SHE CAN” organized by Entreprenelle and hence, we breathe, we talk and walk “Gamification” we decided to live what we preach and create what we teach by developing some exciting game elements to enhance the traffic in the “StartUp Zone”, which took less than a week in putting it together and designing it from scratch, it was a busy hectic one but we were too eager and excited to help out those talented startups.

Game Objective:


  • Increase traffic and drive more attendees, investors, influencers to the Startup booths.
  • Enable the Startup ladies, who might be introvert or unsure how to attract the attendees to start a conversation and present their services or products.
  • Enable attendees learn more about the Startups through the riddles & hence market for the startups.
  • Enable attendees to learn more about our Company GamUp through the riddles as well as through the experiential game that obviously illustrates the power of gamification.

Target Audience:


  • Mainly Females age range 18-35 – students, startup founders, entrepreneurs etc
  • Based on Andrzej Marczewski player type hexad on gender analysis females tend to be more socializers, philanthropist and free spirit then men therefore the Game elements that suits this category:
  • Socialisers: Socialization – They’ll have to interact with the startups to get the card.
  • Philanthropists: They like to cooperate and help each other – which was the case as they solved their riddles in groups.
  • Free spirits: Rewards – Winners will have the autonomy to pick their own gift voucher and use it to shop for products or services from the surrounding startups, which actually triggered them to take another tour to pick the voucher they like the most, Wise Ladies 😉

The Game & it’s Elements:

  • Each attendee picks a paper that consists of 3 quests to solve about 3 startups in the surrounding booths.
  • One of the riddles is always about GamUp to highlight our services as well as to enable the on boarding process.
  • The riddles were made fun, easy, basically inspired from their logos so as to avoid making it complicated or time consuming as there were plenty of workshops, speakers and mentor that the attendees are interested to attend.
  • The attendees will go searching for the Startup and as soon as they find it they will get a card with its logo and come again to us and be our guest.

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  • When they come they will  take a photo, choose their own gift voucher, they will go to the gift voucher sponsor for them to have the autonomy to write in the empty box whether they want to give them giveaway, discount or a special offer.

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  • Thus having to go again to another startup to redeem the voucher will again create a channel for communication and engagement, not only that but the attendees also took another tour around the startups to choose wisely their voucher.

Attendees and Startups Feedback:

The game made it a lot easier to define “Gamification” which is the use of game elements (riddles) and game design technique (competition and challenge) in non- game context (Marketing for GamUp and the Startups) inorder to drive traffic and increase engagement.

It was so busy at our booth, people were excited to play that some actually played more than once, it was so engaging and we had plenty of positive feedback, especially from the startups who revealed that many attendees bought their products while playing the game as it was the reason that brought them to their tables and initiated the conversations.

  • Thanks for introducing the gamification tools and ideas to us – Duaa – Founder of Masaar
  • The game was creative and funny as well …our clients loved it so much ….Thank You Gamup …best of luck – Aya – Founder of Yoby’s Candles
  • It was a great idea ya Sandra and Emad…Thanks so much …we had fun as much as the attendees- Angie – Founder of Khod course , read more about their review here

Extra Engaging and Exciting Elements

  • The “I’m Super” Badge:


To attract the attendees to our booth we had the limited quantity “I’m Super” Badge who was provided to the first 10 winners and also to those who needed a push to keep them going, if they struggled finding their startup or if it was a bit further.

  • Social Media Status:

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Social media posts was also an exciting part where the winners took photos in the photo frame holding the status of “ I won” to encourage more attendees to come to win as well.

  • Raffle Draw:

We had some good leads collection that we attracted with the game to enter the raffle draw of a FREE gamification course certified from Gamification+, UK.

A day full of excitement, engagement and certainly women’s empowerment but mostly we enjoyed our Gamification Game Success that brought numerous benefits to everyone, so have you ever had a disengagement problem whether you are exhibiting, or in business, marketing or educating or even starting your own startup, well guess what we’ve got you covered, please feel free to contact us.