Before we start our journey, Would you like to know your user type? Why don’t you take a minute to take the online survey at Gamified UK?

If you’d like to know more about the User Types and how it can be linked to Personality Test, please check this research:  The Gamification User Types Hexad ScaleFurther analysis revealed significant associations of the Hexad user types with the Big Five personality traits. In addition, a correlation analysis confirmed the framework’s validity as a measure of user preference towards different game design elements. This scale instrument contributes to games user research because it enables accurate measures of user preference in gamification.”

Tondello, G. F., Marczewski, A., Wehbe, R. R., Diamond, L., Busch, M., & Nacke, L. E. (2016). The Gamification User. the 2016 Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play – CHI PLAY ’16. (pp. 229-243). Austin, TX, USA: ACM.

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Elements of Gameful Design Emerging from User Preferences – Winner Outstanding Gamification Research 2017 at Gamification Europe Conference

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Special THANKS for Characters Designer: Joe Elnaggar for his talented works

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