GamUp Founders “Emad & Sandra” shared their passion for “Gamification” years ago, even before the term had its existence. Having met at the same working organization, Sandra as an architectural engineer and Emad, as the HR business partner; they collaborated to turn their working environment into bursting fun, especially in the Holy month of Ramadan, where activity is usually at a low pace; they boosted enormous energy amongst their co-workers and awakened up those drowsy days with their outstanding gamified projects.

But it didn’t stop here, they also organized various creative theme-based parties, events, and meetings and managed to wow their audience each time; this allowed them to experience the power of games and storytelling in different areas. Whether it is business or private purposes; they always excelled!

This motivated them further to design  more gamified projects and employee engagement programs making use of their multi talents; Sandra, an artistic architectural engineer, a great graphic designer who has meticulous eye to details, people oriented seeking always to generate happiness and spread friendliness, a witty writer, events planner and decorator, while On the other hand; Emad is experienced Human Resources Business Partner Skilled in Management, Leadership, Employee Relations and training with a Master of International Business Administration (MIBA); who always targets employee satisfaction and is persistent target oriented, brilliant activity and programs developer and also tough challenges slayer.

These complementary skills and perspectives collided perfectly to form plenty of exceptional creations. Shielding this genuine creativity with further knowledge about Gamification they pursued international certified courses successfully as well as plenty of self-studies, Emad & Sandra were able to focus on project objectives while maintaining the fun and customer engagement in all their products and services; believing that; “play helps us do serious things much much  better”.


Emad Henin Biography


Emad Henin, GamUp Founder

  • Master of International Business Administration (MIBA) Holder
  • Gamification Course authorised by University of Pennsylvania, USA.


  • Certified TalentQ Psychometric assessment practitioner by HayGroup
  • A professional course of Administration Skills authorized by The College of Business Administration, Missouri State University, USA.
  • Diploma in Human Resources Management issued by Syndicate of Commercial Profession and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • +8 years of experience in different areas of Human Resources Management  (Learning & Development – Organisation Development – Compensation & Benefits).
  • Train the trainer Diploma accredited by society for Human Resources (SHRM)

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Sandra Abadir Biography


Sandra Abadir,  GamUp Founder

  • +7 years of experience as an Architectural Engineer
  • Editorial executive & writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Window shop Designer & Events Planner Decorator
  • Digital Marketing Diploma from Core Consultants
  • Gamification Course authorised by University of Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Train the trainer Diploma accredited by society for Human Resources (SHRM)

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