Gamup will assist and help you gamify your Business, learning process, courses, product and many more due to their vivid experience in Gamification,  anything can be gamified to increase engagement and add on the fun factor yet not missing the objectives.

The following are some of the Gamified samples that Gamup designed and executed:

Travel around the world 


Theme: Travel around the world while seated in your office

Objective:  Best used for – Induction programs, Communication expansion, Social events.

Process: In a creative playful series that drifts the employees/players from one state to another by solving email riddles and receiving a souvenir from each solved state that carries a mystery for the next state.This drives the players from one office ( who is the ambassador of the solved state) to another each day according to their map to receive the souvenir that holds the next thriller.  Thus players will get to know each day the location of a new office and a new employee, manager or co- worker etc.

For more detailed information about how this adventurous journey flows contact the GamUpers for a meeting.


The Mystery of the Vanished Diamond


Theme: Detective Corombo, orbits around the new town to find out who is the suspect of the diamond’s disappearance.

Objective:  Best used for – Interdepartmental communication, leadership vs delegation,  Dealing with various/difficult characters.

Process: On a hot sunny day where the opening ceremony of the new town took place and where a very precious diamond stands on a statue of the central square, secured with laser and plenty of guards the diamond just vanished.  In a thrilling hunt of the suspect, detective corombo along with his assistant sehes, interrogates all the citizens of the town to find out where it has disappeared and who stole it. Each suspect tries to proves his innocence by proving where he was at the time of the incident and  gives a clue of who the suspect might be . Players each day will guess who the suspect is …until the mystery is revealed on the closing ceremony of the riddles.

If you are too curious to know all about this fun investigation and where it ends and how its objectives reflects contact the GamUpers for a meeting.